Frank Kermit, MA Professional Profile, Qualifications and Confidentiality

Frank Kermit, MA believes in making the world a better place by teaching singles and couples about Emotional Needs for loving relationships.

Disclosure Statement and Introduction To Services

Frank Kermit, MA offers private practice, consisting of individual, couples, or group coaching. Since coaching can be conducted in a number of different ways, this statement has been prepared to inform you about Frank Kermit and his qualifications and coaching practice.


Frank Kermit has a D.E.C. from Dawson College that include studies in Psychology, Social Psychology, Speech, Drama in Education, and Media

Frank Kermit has a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University that included in-depth studies in Drama Therapy and the use of Drama Therapy with Special Populations (including adults with autism and schizophrenia).

He holds an MA from McGill University in Communications Studies covering Gender Studies, the affects of technolgoy on Society, and Changing Gender Roles, technology and changing education methods, as well as a thesis that covred among other things character development, and media law.

In 2010 Frank completed a cretificate in Love Without Hurt: For Domestic Violence Intervention where he was training in the Dr Steve Stosney Compassion Training program to help break the cycles of abuse by teaching Compassion. Frank utilizes this Compassion training in conjunction with Hypnotherapy in Anger Release Management Coaching.

In 2011 Frank completed a Level II Certificate in Trauma Counselling from The Hincks-Dellcrest Institute and a Certificate in Bereavement Awareness and Intervention Training from Maison Monbourquette to work with clients struggling with grief, bereavment and the inability to move on from great loss and relationship break ups.

He is a member in good standing with the Sexual Health Network of Quebec, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Assoication des Naturopathes Professionnels du Quebec.

Frank Kermit is also a regular in the media on a variety of TV, radio, Internet productions as the Official Relationship Coach of those programs.

Frank Kermit has been a Relationship Coach for over 10 years and is internationally recognized as a Relationship Coach for his works in setting up support groups for men around the world and establishing a standard of ethics and remedies for the support group administration.

Frank Kermit also bring with him his 15+ years of experimental learning models of relationship structures into his coaching practice drawing from years of real life experience. This includes his full understanding of the relationship structures necessary for successful monogamous, non-monogamous and alternative lifestyles.

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Areas of Frank Kermit's expertise include Emotional Needs, Relationships, Dating, Social Skills, Sex, Seduction, Self-Actualization (aka Inner Game), and Dysfunctional Repeating Behavior Patterns. He has lectured extensively on all these topics and even more through his regular media appearances. Frank has also published many books and CD lectures, including a best selling book that held t he number (#1) position for 3 years in the Sex-And-Relationship Category of from 2008 to 2011.

Frank Kermit is a NaturoTherapist

Frank Kermit is a NaturoTherapist (a designation that is ONLY valid in the province of Quebec). In the province of Quebec, the letters "nd" may at times appear after Frank Kermit's name, which stands for "naturopathic diplomaed" and not "natruopathic Doctor" as it would indicate in the rest of Canada and North Amercia.

Insurance Receipts Available (but ONLY in the province of Quebec)

Frank Kermit is a Certified Hypnotherapist

Frank Kermit is a Certified Hypnotherapist as registerd under the National Guild of Hypnosist. If you have questions about Hypnotherapy, how it is different from Hypnosis and Traditional Therapy, please visit

Not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Psychotherapist

Frank Kermit is not a Psychiatrist, Psychologist nor Psychotherapist and is unable to diagnose nor treat mental illness. For mental health treatment, you are encouraged to seek out a licensed professional

Not a Medical Doctor

Frank Kermit is not a physician, pharacists, nor medical doctor and cannot prescribe nor provide any medication. For medical treatment you are encouraged to seek out a licensed professional.

Not a Lawyer

Frank Kermit is not a lawyer, and as such is unable to advise or offer legal advice as it pertains to your dating and relationship questions. For example, if your marriage may be headed for divorce, you are encouraged to seek out a competent family lawyer who is a member of the bar, and garner that lawyer's professional advice.

Privacy and Confidentiality

As a client, you have the right to confidentiality and it is one of your most important of client rights. Generally, information obtained during coaching sessions will be held strictly confidential and will not be disclosed. However, there are a few legal exceptions to confidentiality to which this rule does not apply. For example, it is legally required that suspected child abuse or suspected child neglect be reported to authorities. Furthermore if you are an adult and you are involved with a minor, this can also be illegal depending on the context, the nature of the relationship and the laws regarding minors and relationships in the territory you live in.

For example, a minor that is 17 years old in Canada (age of Majority is 18) may engage in relationships with adults (for example a 19 year old), but may not consent to a variety of activities, even within the context of that relationship, which are rights normally reserved for adults. In the event of couples coaching, Frank Kermit, will consider the couple as the client, and not treat the individuals within that couple as separate clients. This means that Frank Kermit will not be placed in the middle of a situation that would require him to hide the secrets of one couple partner from the other as it pertains to the matter directly affecting the couples coaching.

Also, confidentially does not have to be respected in the event that Frank Kermit has reason to conclude that you may be harmful to yourself or others, suspects that child abuse or child neglect has occurred or will occur, or in the event of a court order. To ensure quality control in coaching, Frank Kermit reserves the right to consult with coach-colleagues regarding your coaching. This can be very helpful in coaching. The coaches that Frank would contact will be professional in the way they maintain the same strictest confidentiality as Frank Kermit.

Your Rights As A Client

As a client you have the right to

1. Ask questions at any point in time regarding the coaching

2. Offer feedback and your views on the coaching

3. Be actively involved in formulating your goals and collaborating with Frank Kermit

4. Terminate the coaching at any time

5. Confidentiality, notwithstanding the exceptions listed above

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Frank Gets Results.

Everyone can feel that their problems may be too overwhelming, that no one could understand, no one can relate, and they are alone. In my practice, I have helped many people that have felt that way and I was able to help them overcome. The first step to overcoming is to take a step:

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